Server-to-Server Password Synchronizer

Server-to-Server Password Synchronizer 5.0

Offers user password synchronization between any combination of Windows domains
5.0 (See all)

Server-to-Server Password Synchronizer provides cross-platform password synchronization, ensuring that when a password is changed in one domain the change is automatically replicated throughout the enterprise, preventing users from losing access to critical systems.

Server-to-Server Password Synchronizer keeps your organization's passwords in sync between any combination of Windows NT/2000/XP/Server 2003/Vista/Server2008, as well as IBM OS/2 and LAN Server.

It contacts all clients holding account credentials, determines which credentials are out of date, and updates them automatically. Synchronization is accomplished without modifying your client systems and without any administrator involvement.

Main Features :

- Performs user password synchronization between any combination of Windows domains, servers and workstations.
- Operates without trust relations, client agents or special token servers.
- Changes to passwords are automatically replicated to all target systems.
- Supports all Windows operating systems, and both 32-bit and 64-bit environments.

Benefits :

- Maintains user access to key systems by ensuring that password changes are replicated to all relevant systems, preventing account lockouts.
- Helps ensure regulatory compliance by effectively managing password changes.
- Reduces Help Desk calls related to password problems.

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